Surprising types of companies that use recycled materials
July 18, 2022 at 10:30 PM
Image of a team working in manufacturing as a company that uses recycled materials in its process.

With disrupted supply chains and rising costs, companies are looking for any way possible to maintain their margins and increase profits in the coming years. Many business leaders don’t realize that participating in material recycling can help them support environmental initiatives and improve their operational costs. Whether you sell unwanted material to a recycling plant or purchase recycled material for production, recycling can resolve supply chain issues, rising costs, and more. You might be surprised to learn that recycled material is an option for your organization. Here are five surprising types of companies that use recycled material.

Drop shipping services and online retailers

The effectiveness of your packaging material can make or break brand trust for your company. It’s always a gamble shipping fragile products, especially if you’re often changing shipping services to find the best price.

Recycled polyethylene foam plastics are incredibly lightweight while providing excellent impact absorption, making them ideal for shipping. Using recycled polyethylene foam as a packing material will keep shipping costs low while ensuring consumers receive products in good shape.

Box 1: پلمپ محرمانگی
رز باکس - تجربه ای متفاوت و لذت بخش از خرید محصولات بهداشتی دوران قاعدگی

رز باکس چی هست؟
رزباکس یک روش جدید خرید محصولات بهداشتی است. ما تلاش کرده ایم محصولی بسازیم که تجربه‌ی خریدهای دوره‌ای و بهداشتی را بهبود دهیم. این محصول علاوه بر شامل بودن محصولات دوران قاعدگی، چیزهای دیگری دارد که باعث راحتی بیشتر در دوران پریود می‌شود.

HVAC companies

Polyethylene foam has an array of properties that make it ideal as an insulation material in HVAC applications. Because of its low thermal conductivity, HVAC pros can use it to insulate air conditioners, pipes, heaters, and more.

Its usable temperature range is between 40 and 70 degrees, giving it broad residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The recycled foam is also highly malleable and easy to fit around unusual shapes and into unique applications.

Construction and contracting

Polyethylene foam (EPE) insulates exceptionally well, making it ideal for construction and contracting companies that use recycled material. Given the rising costs across many other construction materials, saving money on insulation can make a substantial difference in the final budget of a project.

In addition to its low thermal conductivity, EPE is highly resistant to moisture, often acting as a water barrier. There are many applications across construction where a company can benefit from using recycled materials such as polyethylene foam plastic.

Sports equipment manufacturers

The same impact-resistant properties that make EPE a great shipping product also make it ideal for sports equipment manufacturers. You can find anything from yoga mats to shin guards made with polyethylene foam.

It’s lightweight and practical for shock absorption. Plus, it’s also non-toxic and resistant to the growth of microbes and bacteria–such as those that cause odor. EPE products are also preferred by consumers who want to recycle their old equipment rather than contribute to landfill waste.

High Roller

Automotive makers

The combination of being lightweight, heat-stable, and having exceptional shock absorption makes polyethylene foam ideal for the auto industry. Manufacturers can reduce the weight of cars on the road while increasing safety capabilities.

You can find EPE under the hood and in the interiors of both private cars and buses. When used for car interiors, it’s often laminated with PVC or other plastics to shape it to the interior design. Car companies that use recycled materials get the same benefits as virgin plastics.

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