The rise of recycled plastic in Fox Valley, Wisconsin
November 19, 2021 at 5:00 AM
A natural scene in Wisconsin.

Becher Plastics is a company native to the Fox Valley area in Wisconsin, and we’ve operated as a family-owned business here for decades. That’s why we decided for our company to be one dedicated to promoting more environmentally-friendly plastic manufacturing practices in this region, and why we’ve only become more focused on that goal over time.

The great thing about our mission is that we aren’t alone in pursuing it. Over the years of our operation in this area, recycling has become an increasing priority for residents and local governments in an effort to reduce unnecessary waste and keep our environment clean and safe.

As recycling and an emphasis on more environmentally-friendly practices becomes more of a local focus, we believe manufacturing in the area will grow to rely more and more on recycled plastic in Fox Valley, Wisconsin. Read on to find out why, and how exactly that shift will ultimately benefit our local environment.

The expansion of recycling

Recycling has grown as a priority over the course of years as the list of items accepted for recycling by local agencies has expanded. Many of the items added to this list are plastic, highlighting the particular importance placed on finding recycling solutions for this type of material in particular.

Everything from milk cartons to deli containers and similar types of plastic materials was accepted for curbside recycling pickup in 2014, and that’s just one example of the greater Fox Valley community’s increased attention toward recycling over time. Organizations like Tri-County Recycling have been an integral part of this shift, with resident services ranging from recycling pickup to educational materials for best practices.

Doing our part

So what has our role been in helping Fox Valley become a more recycling-focused area?

Operating as a business since the 1970s, our main goal is to promote the recycling of plastic materials and more environmentally-conscious manufacturing practices among Fox Valley businesses. We do this in a few different ways.

Our services range from educating and consulting with businesses about the recycling practices to actually selling recycling-friendly plastic materials like polyethylene. Through blog posts like this one, we provide local business leaders with valuable information that can help them shift their plastic manufacturing operations in a more energy and cost-efficient direction, in addition to offering a free on-site analysis of a facility’s current recycling practices.

What recycling plastics does for the environment

But what exactly makes this particular goal so important to us?

We built our business around this mission because we’re long-standing residents of the area ourselves, and because we understand from years of experience and research how much of a difference certain recycling practices can truly make. It isn’t just the environment that benefits; your business does, too.

We’ve written a post on our blog about this topic before, outlining just a few of the substantial benefits you’ll see from improving your facility’s plastic manufacturing and recycling practices. As a brief summary, these benefits include:

  • A reduced carbon footprint
  • Greater business profitability from higher-quality clients and re-selling plastic waste
  • Improved chances of successfully obtaining grants
  • Higher-quality employees
  • Greater sustainability
  • Lower operational costs thanks to cheaper, more energy-efficient materials

If you’d like to read that post, you can do so here.

Promoting manufacturing with recycled plastic in Fox Valley, Wisconsin

We care deeply about the well-being of the greater Fox Valley community. It’s our home, and it’s important to promote sustainable practices that can help make it a healthier, safer place for us to live. Making these practices more prevalent in the manufacturing space is our way of contributing to that larger goal, but we join many other organizations on many other fronts to achieve it.

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