The Benefits of Working With a Recycled Materials Company
September 7, 2023 at 4:00 AM
A recycling bin near Bournemouth beach, helping people to recycle their plastic.

Over the last few decades, sustainability has become a focal concern in the plastic manufacturing industry. Reducing the amount of solid waste and plastic discards is paramount for plastic recycling to be a success. Business owners who have an opportunity to take a step toward sustainability should make a difference and set an example in their workforce and community.

Plastic materials help people live efficient, clean, and healthy lifestyles. But it’s vital to understand that the life of plastic products doesn’t end when you recycle them.

This article will discuss the benefits of recycled plastics and working with a recycled materials company.

1. Conserves natural resources and requires less energy

Making products from recycled plastic materials takes significantly less energy than manufacturing it from scratch. The energy saved from not having to manufacture from scratch can serve other critical economic requirements in states and throughout the country. In addition, recycling plastics with a professional company helps conserve resources like petroleum, natural gas, water, and coal. Research shows that recycling old and discarded plastic waste reduces nearly 40% of petroleum consumption.

2. Helps reduce ecosystem pollution

Greenhouse gases have been known to increase pollution levels in the environment. As countries worldwide work to mitigate climate change, this centers around reducing greenhouse gases. When plastics are manufactured, petroleum is burned, releasing massive amounts of greenhouse gases into the environment. Hazardous greenhouse gases can be reduced through the plastic recycling process.

In addition to greenhouse gases, harmful chemicals are released into the environment with plastic waste, killing thousands of animals. By reducing the amount of plastic waste, you can reduce environmental pollution.

3. Works to reduce fossil fuel consumption

The demand for plastic means millions of barrels of crude oil are used yearly. The most sustainable option for reducing fossil fuel consumption is plastic recycling. Creating new plastic materials requires excessive amounts of energy. Research from Stanford shows that recycling one ton of plastic can save enough energy for seven months when powering a typical household.

4. Reserves depleted space in landfills

It’s no secret that space within landfills is diminishing quickly, and habitable land is more precious than ever due to the growth of the human population. With so much plastic being deposited into landfills every year, it’s hard to create additional space. However, space can be saved through recycling and reusing plastic materials. For example, recycling one ton of plastic can save 7.4 cubic yards of space in a landfill.

5. Save on material costs

When it comes to recycling plastics, you will save so much on the cost of materials. The reason is that recycled plastic is more affordable than making plastic from scratch. Why spend so much on new materials when you can have reusable plastics that are high quality? Consider choosing recycled materials for your business and save on operational costs.

Want to work with a recycled materials company?

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