How recycled plastic manufacturers in Fox Valley help with EPR
March 21, 2022 at 7:00 AM
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As we look toward the future, the world has made a collective effort to reverse the damage we’ve done to the environment and preserve our planet, and extended producer responsibility (EPR) is one initiative leading the charge. However, it also offers business benefits. Fortunately, as one of the leading recycled plastic manufacturers in Fox Valley, at Becher Plastics, our plastic recycling and manufacturing services can help you comply with EPR legislation and regulations while reaping business benefits.

Here’s everything you need to know about EPR and recycled plastic manufacturers:

What is EPR?

When considering the benefits of working with recycled plastic manufacturers in Fox Valley, EPR is essential.

EPR is a strategy that identifies and adds all environmental costs of the entire lifecycle of consumer products and packaging. Plastic is one of the most common packaging materials used. EPR renders manufacturers responsible for a product’s entire life-cycle, including the take-back, recycling, and final disposal.

Commonly associated with waste management, EPR determines and adds all environmental costs of a product. By examining all the costs through the product lifecycle, including market price, EPR calculates the total environmental cost for this product.

If you are interested in learning more about EPR initiatives and how recycled plastic manufacturers can help you meet EPR targets, at Becher Plastics, we boast the experience and expertise to help you exceed your objectives.

Why should I work with a recycled plastic manufacturer?

Working with recycled plastic manufacturers in Fox Valley to comply with EPR initiatives offers several benefits.

Firstly, EPR is a producer-focused initiative that aims to mitigate plastic waste in particular. Across the globe, the concept of EPR has blossomed and come to include significant financial measures designed to hold manufacturers accountable for managing their waste disposal.

These measures include things like end-of-life strategies for products, like implementing take back and recycling programs for pickups, designing products that are easier to reuse, repair, and recycle, or erecting and establishing collection points and recycling pickups for products.

Moreover, these initiatives are crucial for businesses to be aware of and adopt because there is considerable EPR legislation that emphasizes increasing the amount and degree of product recovery while minimizing the environmental impact of waste materials.

Failing to comply can have severe repercussions. Fortunately, at Becher Plastics, we’re the leading recycled plastic manufacturer, and we will ensure you comply and fulfill your EPR objectives.

Benefits of EPR programs

Understanding the value of working with recycled plastic manufacturers in Fox Valley requires understanding the benefits of EPR programs and initiatives.

For businesses, EPR programs offer initiatives that prevent waste at the source, and they foster the implementation of more efficient and cost-effective systems as well as the development of new products with optimized designs that are easier to reuse.

Also, designing for environmental innovations like increasing the durability, compostability, and reusability of products sends a message to consumers and investors that helps your reputation and garners more business as consumers value such commitment to environmental initiatives.

Moreover, EPR programs increase collection and recycling rates, reduce public spending on waste management by reducing the burden on municipal and private sector recycling facilities, and help companies reduce their overall waste management costs.

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If you are interested in doing your part as an organization and preserving our planet, EPR initiatives are crucial to adopt. More importantly, recycled plastic manufacturers in Fox Valley are invaluable resources at your disposal when pursuing environmental initiatives. Fortunately, since the mid-1970s, Becher Plastics has been the leading recycled plastic manufacturer in Fox Valley, and we can help you meet your objectives and stay compliant. Get in touch to learn more!