Questions to ask before choosing recycling services
October 5, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Questions to ask before choosing recycling services

If your company is considering hiring out recycling services, you must find a company that you’re comfortable working with. Like any other vendor you choose to hire work out to, you need to understand what all comes with their services, how their workflow will meet yours, and their ability to handle the waste that your company produces. At Becher Plastics, we want to make sure you’re getting the right recycling services for your company so we have a few questions to help you get started vetting companies you might work with.

Can your staff handle projects of this scope?

Not every company produces the same amount of plastic waste. A small business that prints pieces of vinyl in a garage is probably going to have much more plastic to recycle than a business that does its work entirely in the digital space. Likewise, a medical clinic will have buckets of plastic for recycling. A company that recycles should have staff and equipment to handle the amount of plastic that you use every day without getting overwhelmed.

What kind of experience do you have with recycling?

Recycling plastic isn’t a “one size fits all” solution to reducing waste. In fact, some types of plastic can be extremely difficult to recycle if it can be at all. Ask a recycling company you’re considering hiring how much experience they have working with plastic and some of the processes they use. Additionally, make sure that the facility where they process plastics can handle the primary plastic resin that you have coming out of your business.

Do you provide collection services?

Whether you’re a business owner or a manager, you’re busy. It’s not likely that you have an excess of time to collect plastic from around your facility and take it to a recycling center. Find out if the company will come to you for collection. Along these lines, ask what kind of equipment they use to collect waste to make sure they can properly transport the plastic products without spilling them into the environment. You would hate to have intentions of recycling plastic just for it to end up on the roadside.

How much does your recycling service cost?

As important as it is to recycle as much of your plastic waste as possible, it’s important to stay within a budget. We understand that you’re still running your own business and need to have money to do so. You shouldn’t have to go into debt by taking out a business loan to have a company take your plastic for recycling. Consider how much it’s going to cost to have your recyclable plastics picked up and removed from your facility. If the cost is more than the benefit, keep looking for a price that fits your needs.

Are you a broker or do you operate your facility?

There’s good business in being a broker who picks up plastic from companies and drops it off at the recycling facility. However, this could lead to changes in pricing over the years as a broker is either not getting the price they once did for the plastic anymore or they’re forced to change drop-off facilities for whatever reason. If the company providing recycling services operates its facility, you can be more confident in steady prices in the future.

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