How Can Plastic Recycling Companies Save Your Business Money?
August 7, 2022 at 7:00 AM
How Can Plastic Recycling Companies Save Your Business Money?

Plastic recycling companies can not only help to reduce your impact on the environment but also on your business. Improving resource efficiency can help your business save money, improve occupational health and safety management, and improve your company's reputation.

Professional plastic recycling companies, like Becher Plastics, can provide everything from brokerage services to carbon footprint reduction initiatives. We care about our customers and our employees on a personal level and demonstrate this by supporting the activities and environmental initiatives that are important to them in their communities.

Here are a few ways how plastic recycling companies can help you save your business money.

1. Recycling can reduce waste disposal costs.

Landfill costs are rising across the U.S., making it expensive to dump waste. But is everything your company is dumping waste? You may be surprised to learn that what your company is putting into landfills may contain useful resources.

Recycling companies recover a portion of their costs by selling the materials they recover, so they often charge less to take away a truckload of waste for recycling than it costs to send to a landfill.

Companies need to keep a tight eye out for new state laws and regulations that are banning e-waste from landfills. By putting recycling systems in place now, companies can avoid an expensive rush to meet new restrictions on waste disposal in the future.

2. Some types of waste can be sold.

Companies that generate paper waste and cardboard can sell it to recycling companies for a profit. Electrical contractors and plumbers can also do the same with copper wiring or piping, steel from light fittings, and other types of scrap metals. The waste created by one company may be an important raw material that another company is willing to pay for.

For example, a pile of old computers may be worth more if is broken down and separated into steel cases, copper wiring, and circuit boards.

3. Recycling and reusing can help your company avoid the need to buy new things.

Plastic recycling companies can help save your money business by teaching you how to recycle and reuse items. Beyond simple reuse, cardboard cartons can be flattened out, slit, and expanded into a replacement for bubble wrap. And shredded paper can be used as padding for shipping delicate items, eliminating the need for you to buy more environmentally damaging materials. Thinking about ways your company can reuse the materials can save you money before you put them in the trash.

4. Using recycled materials can save companies money.

For plastic recycling to work, there needs to be a market for materials. In many cases, recycled goods are cheaper than new materials and do just as good of a job. But even when they cost more, it can still provide the best economic outcome. Much of the plastic recovered from e-waste is turned into a durable replacement for timber. In this case, you won’t have to worry about warping or rot and it lasts much longer than wood, saving you money in the long run.

Getting serious about recycling can take both time and effort. However, working with plastic recycling companies can help change your attitude. The good news is that, in financial terms, companies that take sustainability seriously save money in the short and long term.

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