How Becher Plastics recycling services help achieve eco-goals
January 3, 2022 at 8:00 AM
Plastic bottle caps made of recycled plastic.

Achieving your ecological goals is a daunting task. Establishing measurable, clear targets while understanding the business benefits of green initiatives is difficult alone. Luckily, at Becher Plastics, our recycling services can help identify your most pressing ecological goals, how to achieve them, and how they benefit you. Family-run since the 1970s, Becher Plastics tailors services and treats each client like their own kin.

Here is how we can help achieve your ecological goals:

A carbon footprint analysis

Becher Plastics recycling services boast a broad range of solutions that optimize performance while mitigating your carbon footprint.

However, a carbon footprint analysis is critical to understanding what services you need. Becher Plastics has been working in the industry since the 1970s, and our unrivaled experience and expertise are your greatest asset.

We work with clients on-site to assess their carbon footprint and ultimately determine how we can collaborate to satisfy their recycling needs, meet their ecological targets, and how they can join the myriad companies that use recycled material.

By measuring the total greenhouse emissions caused directly or indirectly by your organization, you can better understand your most pertinent ecological goals. Ultimately, a carbon footprint analysis provides companies with actionable insights and measurable targets moving forward.

Moreover, a carbon footprint analysis can also optimize your performance. These analyses enable companies to minimize operating costs, stay ahead of regulations, distinguish themselves from the competition, and actively catalyze innovation.

If you need a carbon footprint analysis to understand your company’s impact on your environment and community, at Becher Plastics, we are an unparalleled resource and ally.

Extrusion recycling

We also boast state-of-the-art extrusion lines. During extrusion, plastics turn from solid to liquid and then revert to their solid state.

However, during the extrusion process, plastics retain their distinguishing properties. This retention enables scrap parts to be broken down and extruded multiple times while experiencing negligible degradation.

As a result, extrusion recycling helps companies save fast-depleting landfill space and reuse plastic instead of generating more and more pollution. Plastic waste contaminates land, water, and soil with harmful chemicals.

Extrusion reduces this pollution while optimizing organizational performance and minimizing plastic waste. Processes like extrusion also require significantly less energy than manufacturing, conserving significant natural resources.

If you are interested in extrusion solutions, Becher Plastics tailors recycling services to meet and exceed your unique ecological goals.

In-house lab testing

Lastly, Becher Plastics' recycling services boast unequaled in-house lab testing for all plastic products. Ultimately, lab testing enables us to guarantee quality.

Testing ensures you get the type of plastic you need, and more importantly, it assures the plastic you use is reliable. Unreliable and low-quality recycled plastics ultimately result in diminished products and the need to purchase and manufacture more plastics.

This recourse requires fossil fuel, often generates more waste, and undermines conservation efforts. Becher Plastics' recycling testing guarantees you get the high-quality recycled material you need and the volume you need. Our lab tests plastics extensively to verify their quality.

Moreover, our lab testing services help organizations minimize their carbon footprint while reducing the cost of things like packaging and even company liability exposure.

Get in touch now to get started!

If you are ready to be the change this world needs, Becher Plastics' recycling services are an unmatched resource. We are family-run and care about customers on a personal level. Since the 1970s, we have proudly served Wisconsin and our local community by ensuring we all reduce our collective carbon footprint. Get in touch now to get started! With Becher Plastics, you preserve more than our resources; you preserve our future.